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Business Opportunity

Would you like to become an ambassador?

Take advantage of this exceptional opportunity

I am a wellness advisor for the DoTERRA brand with whom I have the chance to travel and go into the field to distill and harvest aromatic plants.

I am actively looking for serious, dynamic, motivated and committed people to be part of this extraordinary adventure and to easily make a living from this passion.

🌸 Are you a therapist in the health, well-being or retraining sector?

🌸 Do you want to incorporate aromatherapy as an additional tool to your activity?

🌸 Are you passionate about natural health?

🌸 Are you looking for a supplier of the purest and safest essential oils on the market?

🌸 Aromatherapy inspires you and you would like to train?

🌸 Do you need to increase your income or find a new job to free yourself financially?

Then this opportunity is made for you!

Today, I suggest you join my team, benefit from complete free aromatherapy training and find therapists from all walks of life with whom to discuss our respective professions and best practices.

To find out about the different selection steps, request your free ebook!

You want:

✨ Have a job that makes MEANING;
✨ Be an ambassador for a company committed to fair trade;
✨ Have additional salary 💸 and/or live easily from this ambassador activity;
✨ Be part of a community where health and well-being is the focus;
✨ Manage your working time

Your missions:

  • Use, share and recommend essential oils and wellness products;
  • Support people in using them safely and in their daily lives;
  • Promote a healthy lifestyle;
  • Recruit and support new committed partners to grow your network.

Your profile :

🌸 Be passionate about natural health;
🌷 Enthusiastic and attentive to customers;
💧 Want an exceptional work ethic;
🌱 Have an entrepreneurial, responsible and autonomous spirit;
🌿 Ability to communicate, transmit, animate, share;
🌼 Have a taste for challenge and a desire to learn.

DOTERRA (gift of the earth) is a company with human, ethical and community values.

It offers essential oils of exceptional quality and 100% natural products made from essential oils. Subject to very selective testing, they offer one of the highest in terms of purity on the market.

Need more information? https://sourcetoyou.com/