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What is olfactotherapy?

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Olfactotherapy: Detecting and Healing Root Causes

Olfactotherapy is a brief energetic psycho-bodily therapy based on smells and their power over our subconscious. It uses; the sense of smell (one of the five senses directly related to the subconscious and memory), and the aromatic molecules of certain essential oils to encourage surfacing of emotions responsible for blockages or discomfort, and thus renew with well-being on a daily basis.

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The main pillars

Smells to access the subconscious

Olfactotherapy is based on the link between smells and the emotional sphere as well as the power of oudors on our subconscious.

The fragrant molecules in essential oils send a chemical signal transformed into a nerve impulse directly to the limbic brain (formerly called rhinencephalon, "The Smell brain"), the brain of emotions and memories, and this without going through the diencephalon, the mental brain. The act of inhaling certain essential oils would thus allow direct access to the subconscious, to awaken certain memories at the base of mental and / or physical suffering.

In 2004, a team of American researchers revealed the existence of neuronal olfactory receptors in the nasal mucosa, and made it possible to understand how these cells perceived scents and transmitted information to the brain. This discovery earned them the 2004 Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine.

Olfactotherapy uses essential oils as an "olfactory messenger". Liquid extracted from the organs (flower, leaf, bark or root) of plants through a complex process of distillation. Essential oils are indeed extremely rich in fragrant molecules that will have a strong action on the subconscious and emotions.

The olfactory power of essential oils

The vibratory scents of essential oils

Olfactotherapy also consists of an energetic approach to humans. Vital energy, called Prana, is conveyed in our body through different channels. At each crossroads of these energy channels is a major energy plexus, or chakra. Each olfactory message, and more particularly those derived from essential oils, are endowed with a vibratory sensation having a direct action on this prana and the chakras. Therefore, olfactotherapy uses the energetic vibrations of essential oils to act on the energy system of the human body, sometimes by activating a "typo-active" center, sometimes by soothing a center that is too active.

The benefits of olfactotherapy

At the crossroads of psycho-bodily therapies, personal development and mind awakening techniques, olfactotherapy can be used to free oneself from trauma, reduce stress, lift emotional blockages or gain self-confidence.

According to Gilles Fournil, creator of the method, olfactotherapy makes it possible to "know yourself better, to be calmer, at peace with this existential quest. (…) It offers keys to be more at peace with oneself and the world, by giving meaning to existence. »

In some hospitals, olfactory workshops are organized to help patients suffering from a head trauma or stroke to re-tame their sense of smell, and therefore relocate themselves in the present.

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