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An Olfactive Journey

An Olfactive Journey

I accompany your physical symptoms, your emotions as well as the root cause(s) of your disorders with a touch of well-being.

Olfactotherapy uses liquid essential oils, extracted from plant organs (flower, leaf, bark or root) through a complex distillation process, as an "olfactory messenger".

Essential oils are extremely rich in fragrant molecules, which have a powerful effect on the subconscious and emotions. Like a massage, you lie back and enjoy a unique treatment that transports you to the heart of your unconscious and your memory.

For this singular journey, this altered state of consciousness, I use scents, the vibration of certain essential oils and touch to help you find and pacify the knots of the past that clutter your present.

In addition, olfactory hypnosis is an effective tool for anyone wishing to gain a better understanding of how they function, and of the potentials and limits of their beliefs. Last but not least, it offers the keys to greater peace with oneself and the world, giving meaning to existence.

When can olfactotherapy be useful to you?

  • You want to lift a blockage anchored within you (lack of self-confidence, fears ...).
  • You simply wish to feel better and get to know yourself better.
  • You suffer from addiction(s) (smoking, bulimia, alcoholism ...).
  • You are depressed.
  • You suffer from a phobia.
  • Your energy needs to be rebalanced.

The scents used in olfactotherapy are connected by their bioelectronic vibrations to the 7 energy centers (plexus). The olfactory feeling, whether it be pleasant or not, indicates if the fragrance and the associated plexus are in harmony. The scents cause the patient to open the doors of his subconscious. Free associations, generated by smell, will gradually bring to light a past memory of happiness or trauma, cause of the love or disgust of this fragrance.

What properties do fragrances bring to Olfactotherapy ?

Each plexus is connected to an archetypal identity that is a universal collective pattern at the origin of human suffering. Archetypal therapy is about bringing awareness to this individual experience and the suffering that comes with it. It associates this awareness with family and collective history. Olfactotherapy gives meaning to existence and helps to free the emotional and memory load that suffocates our bodies, from the physical body to the subtle bodies. It frees you from any notion of guilt and indebtedness. Olfactotherapy initiates to compassion and opens to action.

The oils guide you towards an optimal alignment between your needs and your inspirations. They bring you the confidence and joy you need to build your personal identity.

They allow mental freeing and suppress the reminiscent negative thoughts, related to daily imbalances such as stress, sadness, guilt, anxiety or insomnia.

Finally, the molecules in the oils offer you a physiological soothing of pain. Your body will resume its vital momentum and find a lasting energy balance.