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Energy balance

I offer you the possibility of an energy balance thanks to an extraordinary and approved wellness tool that improves your vitality balance: the ZYTO Compass.

The Zyto Compass tool

Electrodermal screening is a technology increasingly used by therapists. By measuring the electrical resistance of the skin, electrodermal screening helps detect energy imbalances along the meridians (invisible lines of energy flow in traditional Chinese medicine). The ZYTO Compass analyzes the frequencies of your body's cells. It highlights your specific needs and deficiencies in terms of vitamins, minerals, enzymes… and suggests pure essential oils and dietary supplements to guide you towards better health.

Improving the body's well-being

These natural products will act on the body's well-being, for example: fatigue, exhaustion, sleep disorders, immune defense, anxiety and stress disorders, antioxidants, intestinal sluggishness, digestive disorders, water retention, detox, weight loss, anti-aging, heavy metals, lack of energy, etc.

The concept is used in quantum therapy to carry out field assessments by detecting and eliminating disturbing electromagnetic frequencies memorized by the body.

Dynamic analysis of imbalances

It's a dynamic analysis of imbalances at an energetic-informational level. This biophysical method is non-invasive (painless) and in total harmony with living beings. It respects their very low-intensity signals.

By way of analogy, and to help us better understand the principle, we can compare it with the acoustics of resonators in audio frequencies, perceptible by our ears. A tuning fork, when excited, will only resonate with a tuning fork of the same size.

This device is a biometric sensor that calculates your body's hertzian frequencies. Indeed, during the procedure, the program delivers subtle energy pulses (stimuli) to the body. It will react naturally, creating "biocommunication". Each bodily response is recorded by Zyto and then presented in the program as a report of "well-being" (physical and emotional). The average scanning time is 5 to 7 minutes.

The analyses are organized in what we might call "bio-questionnaires". Unlike a conventional questionnaire, in which you consciously answer the questions. In Zyto, your body responds directly to the "questions". Your body always knows what it needs before you do!

Zyto's biocommunication technology uses virtual elements (digital signatures of real-life elements) as "questions". The answer to these "questions" is a change in the electrical properties of the skin, which is analyzed and measured by means of the scanning device (172 aspects).

The scan includes, among others, the organs of the entire body, based mainly on meridians, lymph, cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal system, detoxification, immune system, hormonal system and major stress factors.

The software then records your positive or negative responses, classifying them from the most important to the least vital.